Hullihen to go to trial in November

Blake Hullihen
Blake Hullihen

REED CITY — A Harrison man will go to trial next month for the double homicide of the mother of his child and her boyfriend.

Blake Hullihen faces two open homicide charges for the shooting deaths of Gabrielle Woodworth and her boyfriend, Donald C. Feneis, who were killed Dec. 7, 2011, at a Marion gas station. A jury trial is set to begin at 9 a.m. on Nov. 27 in Osceola County’s 49th Circuit Court.

Prior to Hullihen’s arrival at the Marion gas station the night of the shooting, he was at his parents’ house with his daughter. He was supposed to meet Woodworth for a custody exchange, but left the house without warning and without his daughter.

Custody exchanges were stressful for Blake, and he often carried a gun or asked someone else to come with him, his father, William Hullihen, previously told the Pioneer.

When Blake returned to his parents’ house on the night of the shootings, he was in a state of shock, but gave his gun to his father and told him what had happened. William put Blake into his car and took him to Clare County Sheriff John Wilson’s home, where he was arrested by deputies.

William has described his son as being “depressed for a long time” before the shootings, mainly because he was in an ongoing custody battle with Woodworth.

Hullihen’s father took the stand in June to testify about his encounter with his son that night. He was scheduled to testify on May 10, but he and his wife, Regina, were arrested the night before the hearing on charges of kidnapping Blake’s daughter from her maternal grandparents.