How to save a life

EVART — The instructor fully expected a larger class.

It just didn’t happen, but the class went on anyway, and two more people hope that should an emergency arise, they will be ready to help save a life.

“Save-A-Life” Saturday at the Depot in Evart was a success. It’s not a question of numbers.

Todd Price was the instructor. Price is the executive director of the Mecosta/Osceola Chapter of the American Red Cross, and had available a variety of class materials, an emergency procedure manual to carry in the car or keep at home, and a little spongy sort of ambulance and plastic diagram that made it handy to know where to place one’s hand when doing CPR.

The attendees took all the items with them, along with the knowledge that knowing what to do is vital. Sometimes it can help erase panic in an emergency situation. Your’s and the victim’s.

The video, demonstration, and the practice time invested could make it possible for those who learn the techniques to actually be a lifesaver for someone in an emergency situation.

This particular “Save-A-Life Saturday” was meant to emphasize how valuable knowing just a few emergency techniques can be in certain emergency situations. Many lives were saved that day in Arizona because people in the crowd “happened” to know what to do. Many lives were saved by people who “happened” to know how to do CPR. Others saved lives by knowing how to stop severe bleeding.

Still other lives might have been saved.

It’s oft been said you can’t beat free, and the class didn’t cost a penny. Sponsors included Walgreens and Safeway.