HERSEY — The Hersey House of Hope will be a house truly filled with hope.

No doubt. You can see it happening. Step by step, it is becoming a reality there along US-10 near the old Cat Creek Store.

The prayers of many are “building” it, along with the dozens and hundreds of others determined to see the project through.

When it’s done, the Hersey House of Hope will provide a better chance for the women who live there to make it “outside.”

Nina Brown and Carol McKernan are determined. So are those dozens and hundreds who stand beside them and work with them.

The House of Hope will give women who have been incarcerated a home and hope. They will be supports to one another, they will have many prayers and much input from those who believe they can make it, and they will learn from others who are a bit ahead on the journey and willing to reach out a helping hand.

A lot of people have been in the months that brought a double wide modular home to that Cat Creek location, fundraising, donating, and helping had a big hooray last week. Wednesday, Crossroads Housing, Inc., a mobile home transport company out of Reed City, sent a full crew out to move the home from “just up the road” to its real home. The foundation was complete, and the move happened before real winter set in.

So the work continues to provide a home for women not asking for a handout, but a hand up. Many from throughout the area have been there for them for a good long time and can’t wait to dedicate the new home and move in its first occupants.

The next fundraiser will be a Coffee House Concert Night on Saturday, Dec. 10 at Faith Bible Church, six miles north of U.S. 10 on M-66, and everyone is invited.

Featured will be the well-known Just Jammin’ group which includes Pam Bowman on hammered dulcimer, Mick Hedrich on mandolin, Larry Hedrich, bass, and with Nancy and Dave Scigliano playing guitar. Many other local musical artists also will be on hand to entertain.

In addition, One Accord will entertain. The group includes Len Harrett, stand up bass, Ken Chubb on the dobro, Gene Hanna playing banjo and Ernie Agruda playing guitar.

The event is from 7-9:30 p.m. Specialty coffees, hot chocolate and other snacks will be served during the evening. Donations will go toward the Hersey House of Hope.