Home sweet home

Real Estate One offers personalized service

EVART — After years in a slump, the housing market is finally starting to turn around, and one local real estate company is ready to assist those who are searching for a great home.

Real Estate One in Evart serves Osceola County, Clare County and Mecosta County, which means more variety for potential home buyers. Owner Linda Trimner and realtors Sherry McCrory, Theresa Simmer and Lynn Cochran are doing their best to help renters and home buyers find the perfect place that fits each need.

"We find out what they're looking for, do a search on the Internet, print out material. We still mail to people in areas that don't have Internet," Trimner said. "We're really detail orientated. We're looking for a satisfied customer and we stick with them."

Thanks to a slight increase of regional jobs, the market is picking up speed and families are beginning to look to Evart as a city to call home.

The Herald Review sat down with Trimner to talk about Real Estate One.

HERALD REVIEW: Give a brief explanation about the business.

TRIMNER: We're a real estate company that lists and sells homes in the area.

What sets the Real Estate One apart from other similar real estate businesses in the area?

TRIMNER: We have great Internet exposure. We're very high on the technology list. All of our listings are fed from Real Estate One's website in addition to the Board of Realtors. Real Estate One corporate sends the listings out to Google, Yahoo!, YouTube and all over.

What are some current trends in real estate?

TRIMNER: Most sales are increasing now. The market is definitely on the upswing. Most of the searching now is done on the Internet. About 95 percent of the buyers have already looked at pictures of the houses in the area and know what they're looking for and what houses they want to see. The internet really has changed real estate.

How do you give back to the community?

TRIMNER: We support the DDA with the music festival in the summer and the Halloween event.

What is the best part about working in this type of business?

TRIMNER: You meet some nice people. They come into the area and we're able to help them know more about it and they keep coming back in. You make some really nice friendships that last.

Taking care of business:

Name: Real Estate One

Established: 2000

Employees: 4

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, special times by appointment

Address: 107 E. US-10, Evart

Phone: (231) 734-9710

Website: reomich.com/evart