REED CITY — Everybody needs a hand up sometimes. Not a handout, but rather a hand up, and for residents living in this area, a real opportunity is being offered. For free. In fact, with a sort of reward system for just being “part of”.

The first set of classes begins tonight (Wednesday, Sept. 21). If you didn’t learn about earlier, keep watch, because future six-week programming will be available as well.

It’s called Higher Ground Family Learning Center, and the goal is to help in a special outreach meant to give families new skills or additional assistance, and a hand up to help them in their own homes. Another goal is that those families will pass it on.

Reed City Church of the Nazarene, the Mecosta/Osceola Department of Human Services, and volunteers from various churches in the area are partnering with Love, INC to offer the Higher Ground Learning Center experience.

The Learning Center encourages and supports families with ideas and information to help them help themselves, each other, and still others. According to a brochure, the information will enhance the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical balance in each life.

Those areas break down to having parenting classes, learning about efficient living, nutrition, craft projects, first aid, and so many other things that are meant to help families.

That’s just a sampling of what will be offered.

Children are welcome, and will have special activities going on as well. A nursery will be provided, and the family will gather together, sharing a meal with others at the very beginning of each week’s class.

Attending and just taking part in some of the activities will earn individuals including the children points during each session, and at the end of the evening, they will be able to turn in their points and choose from a variety of things including household items, children’s clothing and toys, baby items, personal hygiene items, or even cleaning projects.

The first session is at 5:15 tonight (Sept. 21) with registration. Dinner will be at 5:45, classes then run from 6:15-7:30, with shopping set for 7:30-8 p.m.

Classes for teenagers will include such things as dealing with peer pressure, and little children will keep busy with arts and crafts.

For additional information, contact Deb Booher at Love, INC in Cadillac at (231) 779-1888. Additional classes are planned in the future.