REED CITY — Following a fire that began in a custodial closet in Reed City High School, crews are close to completing a clean-up effort that will fully allow school life to get back to normal.

In the meantime, adjustments are being made to some schedules although classes are set to begin as usual following the winter holiday break.

“We will be open for business on Monday,” reported district superintendent Steven Westhoff. “There is still a bit of clean-up that we are hurrying to complete — in the locker-room and gymnasium area. This is expected to be wrapped up by the week of Jan. 11.”

Westhoff noted that some of the Phys Ed classes would be shifted to other locations within the middle and high school complex, but the academic section of the school is clean and “good to go.”

“Everything should be wrapped up soon,” he continued. “Some ‘home’ games scheduled for this week have been rescheduled as ‘away’ games. Also, a wrestling invitation schedule for Saturday, Jan 5, will be held in the middle school rather than the high school.”

Considering the damage that could have occurred from the fire, the district superintendent believes the high school is lucky.

“Things could have been much worse,” Westhoff pointed out. “We were blessed with the quick and effective response from our local fire fighters.

“They did a great job.

“We also caught quite a break over the fact that the school was on vacation, and we actually didn’t lose any study days.”

While an investigation into the fire’s cause continues, Westhoff said the state fire marshal seemed confident that was no criminal intent involved.

“There are theories as to how the fire started, but everyone is pretty sure this wasn’t intentional,” he said.

“Investigators appear to be focusing on an accidental incident.”

Westhoff said it was far too early to tell just how much the fire and clean-up would cost, but he did note the school was insured for such occurrences and was confident that expense to the taxpayers would be minimal – $1,000 or less.