Hersey election results to stand

REED CITY — Results from the general election for the village of Hersey president’s position will stand, barring any legal action that may be taken.

Election results show Robin Marvel beat incumbent village president John Calabrese, 105-103. However, it was later discovered residents who live outside the village limits were inadvertently provided ballots including the village races.

Osceola County Clerk Karen Bluhm spent Wednesday and Thursday searching for guidance to resolve the issue, and spoke to attorneys with the Michigan Bureau of Elections.

“The only recourse right now is a lawsuit being filed,” she said. “If Mr. Calabrese asks for a recount, that would be something he would have to pay for.”

Bluhm added a recount could not take place until after the state certifies the election results.

“At that point, we’d be able to unseal our ballots and begin a recount,” she said.

Bluhm said she has no indication on whether any action will be taken.

“There’s a short window of time that all this can be done,” she said. “There will not be a do-over or anything like that. The Bureau of Elections has said this does not qualify to have another election. The results are certified. If someone wants to take it to court, they can. At this point, Robin Marvel won and will be sworn in.”