Hersey comes 'back to life' at River Town Festival

Stories and photos by Eric Dresden

Herald Review Staff Writer 

Between the petting zoo, baked goods, children’s games and other events, Hersey residents spent the weekend celebrating during the annual River Town Festival.

On Saturday, about 90 kids ran and played in the yard in front of of the Hersey United Methodist Church, located at 200 W. Second St.

Marsha Lewis, who helped coordinate the children’s events, said the big crowd at the games made it fun.

“We had new games and old games and they seemed to like them all,” she said. “The kids had lots of energy.”

With the parade happening on Saturday, Lewis commended everyone who put on the event, calling it a “bang-up job.”

“Last year was good, but this year was better,” she said.

Lori Cox, of Whispering Pines Mobile Zoo, said the company brought about 40 animals for people to pet and feed.

Cox said people liked the camel, Bentley, or rabbits that sat in cages in front of the zoo employees.

“It is amazing, these things they gravitate to,” she said about the rabbits.

Near the zoo, people were buying baked goods from a sale to benefit the Rhythmic Sky Dance Team.

Kayla Kesting, a mother to a dancer, said being next to the zoo helped business tremendously.

“Everyone seems to be happy,” she said. “People are loving the petting zoo, so that’s drawing people to our bake sale.”

Lawrence Trombley, owner of the Hersey Roller Mills Store, said although its been a slow summer, the festival brought many to visit.

“The town’s pretty much coming back to life,” he said.