Herald Review has a new website

REED CITY — Visitors to the Herald Review's website will soon certainly notice a lot of changes to the newspaper’s online offering.

Beginning on Sept. 30, the dramatically redesigned site will be launched and offer a cleaner look, be a much more efficient and effective tool in our reporting of breaking news, and provide an expanded platform for our readers to share their opinions.

Readers will notice many more links, areas where they can follow local breaking news without leaving their hometown site, and more frequent updates of local, state and national news.

Advertisers will have new options and opportunities to share their message with a broader audience.

A lot of hard work has gone into creating this new web presence and building a useful site for readers throughout the immediate area and those far afield looking to maintain contact with their hometown.

The staff at the Herald Review and the newsroom team look forward to sharing this exciting new online experience with readers and delivering even better leading local news coverage.

“This is a big change for us,” said Herald Review editor Jim Crees. “While we have maintained a web presence for quite some time, this new website will be light-years ahead of any previous effort.

“This will be a great way for us to improve our service to the Reed City community — whether near or far.”