EVART — The Gold Wings flew back into Evart and “nested” at the Osceola County Fairgrounds over the weekend where they wowed the crowd both downtown and in the grandstand.

During their annual gathering, precision motorcycle team performed downtown with nine cyclists weaving in, out and about on Saturday, but even before that, they had a special annual mission to accomplish.

The Gold Wings makes it a point to coincide each year with the Osceola County Relay for Life at the fairgrounds, putting on a fantastic light show in front of the grandstand after dark, and in other ways contributing to the cause in fighting cancer.

Some join walkers on the track, still others share their own personal stories around the campfires there at the fairgrounds.

One thing is for sure, they are a welcome sight when they roll into town, visit nearby communities, check out various restaurants and stores, gas stations and new tourist sight, and make their yearly “ice cream run” to some local place that makes it known their ice cream just might be best.

The annual influx of Wingers is a very welcome addition, though temporary, to the community and surrounding area.