Gold Wings headed for Evart June 23-26

EVART — The streets of Evart will soon once again be filled with some of the most impressive and powerful motorcycles on the road.

Next week, June 23-26, the highways and byways around Evart and the Osceola County community will be dotted with dozens of Gold Wings barely making a sound, but obviously at the head of the class.

The Gold Wings have traveled to the Evart community for years as the Gold Wings Touring Association holds its State Rally with headquarters at the Osceola County 4-H FFA Fairgrounds. This year once again, the huge bikes, finely maintained, exquisitely decked out, and lovingly lighted up will grab the attention of anyone passing through the area.

Some riders will be coming into town as early as Thursday that same week and will gather around the fairgrounds campfire for a hot-dog roast.

The festive Opening Ceremony for the rally will be followed by guided rides, evening bingo, on bike and off bike games, and much more. The theme this year is “Gunsmoke.”

 Golfers will enjoy nine-holes of gold on a local course and  for non-golfers there will be self-guided rides and meetings with regional directors.

The gathering will be exciting for folks throughout the area, and a welcome rest from the road for Gold Wing riders and their passengers.