Gifts for Kids accepting registration through Nov. 27

OSCEOLA COUNTY — Gifts for Kids, a program designed to help local families during the holidays, is currently accepting registration through Nov. 27.

The income-based program, which serves Osceola County residents, provides eligible families with a variety of needed items during the holidays.

Through the program, families will have the chance to attend the Gifts for Kids December event to select toys, games, household products, grocery vouchers and more.

At the event, toy tables will be set up by age group, so kids and parents have an easy time choosing toys to take home.

However, this is not just an event for children, John Klever, a Gifts for Kids volunteer, explained.

"We have toys and board games to promote family time, but we'll also have cleaning products and other things you wouldn't normally think about, but need, during the holiday season," he said.

Klever added 100 percent of gifts come from community donations, and those looking to help out can drop off items at the Mecosta-Osceola office of the Department of Health and Human Services, where he works.

"We are always happy to accept donations," he said.

Those looking to register for the program can call (231) 468-3204 or (231) 779-5205 for more information.