GT Norman teachers slimed following penny war

Event raised money for dome assembly

REED CITY — Not much could stop slime, chocolate syrup, soap and other unpleasant concoctions from running down the bodies of two GT Norman Elementary School teachers during a special assembly on Wednesday.

To the delight of all students, first-grade teachers Jackie Ringler and Kylene Nix were covered in gooey, sticky substances following the results of a week-long penny war the students participated in last week. Ringler and Nix were slimed as a result of their classes raising the most and least amount of money, respectively.

"We asked the kids to do a penny war for the kids to raise money for a dome assembly," said Amber White, a GT Norman teacher's assistant and the secretary of the Parent Teacher Organization. "The teachers who got the highest and the lowest amount of money got slimed, so we got to slime two first-grade teachers."

During the penny war, students and staff donated copper coins into jars. If silver coins were added, the amount of those coins would subtract from the total. The event helped raise more than $1,100 toward an assembly focusing on science and featuring a dome to teach astronomy. Ringler's class alone raised more than $80.

The entire school packed into the gym for the assembly, excited to see one of their own subjected to the slime. Select students were called up onto the stage in the gymnasium to help the process along, and each did their best to thoroughly cover the teacher's head and shoulders. Nix and Ringler took it in stride, though were anxious to change following the event.

"The kids seemed really excited when we did the penny war to say they could slime or not slime their teacher," White said. "There were a lot of kids who wanted to protect their teacher and there were some who wanted to slime their teacher. I had one teacher say a student brought in $30 just to get their teacher slimed."

She believes this type of fundraising activity will be seen again at the school.

"It's going to be a yearly thing, I think, and as it goes on I think it'll raise more money," she added.