GT Norman celebrates Veterans Day

REED CITY — GT Norman Elementary staff and students gathered on Veterans Day to show off their patriotism.

Inviting local veterans and families, the school hosted a program honoring those who have and continue to serve our country. Songs, stories and even a patriotic version of quiz bowl entertained the honored guests. A slideshow of photos accompanied the reading of every veteran’s name who was present at the ceremony. As they stood to be recognized, so did the student who had invited them.

A couple of traditions, including tying a yellow ribbon on the flag in support of those overseas and wishing them a safe return, as well as lighting a candle for those who didn’t return, brought some tears.

Last year a new tradition was started, which brought happier tears. Volunteers have been coming together in quilting bees to create beautiful quilts to be given to a chosen local veteran at various schools’ assemblies. This year, GT Norman honored two local veterans with quilts.

Bob Dahlquist, one of the recipients, served in the Navy during World War II. After the war he returned to Reed City where he continues to live along with his family.

Another quilt recipient, Gunner Sgt. Mel St. Onge also served in World War II. He earned a Purple Heart as a U.S. Marine and returned home following the war to raise a family.

Students may not have sewn the quilts, but signed the backs of each quilt.