GT Norman Elementary thanks local heroes

REED CITY — Students may understand who a police officer is or what a fireman does, but on Wednesday, they were given the opportunity to see and meet these real-life heroes.

Students at GT Norman Elementary gathered in the gym to meet and thank local police, firefighters, emergency dispatch and emergency medical services personnel.

“Every day we have heroes who go uncelebrated,” said DeAnna Goodman, principal of GT Norman Elementary School. “This celebration is a great way to say thank you to them.”

For March is Reading Month at GT Norman, the theme was superheroes.

“By inviting heroes into the school, it tied into our March is Reading Month theme,” Goodman said.

During the celebration assembly, each of the more than 50 heroes was recognized by the staff and students. Students also sang songs on the importance of the local heroes.

There also were a few special guests recognized, including Skip Kienitz, a 36 year veteran of the Reed City Fire Department and Bary the K-9 Police Dog. Bary was introduced to the students and told how he is a hero by finding people who may be lost and sniffing out explosives.

“Many of these heroes go above and beyond in our school every day,” Goodman said. “They come in and volunteer in the classrooms and read to the kids. They are all great role models.”

After the assembly, heroes and students met in the cafeteria for cookies, juice and conversation.

“It’s really wonderful to show our support to the heroes of the community and to show the kids what a community is made of,” said Tim Webster, superintendent of Reed City Public Schools. “It’s a great way to say thank you.”