G.T. Norman recognizes police officers, firefighters and more with ceremony

REED CITY — What started as a reading month theme has become an annual event at G.T. Norman Elementary. For approximately the past four years, students have welcomed and honored emergency medical personnel, firefighters, police officers, dispatchers and more during Heroes Day.

“We are honored to have these heroes with us,” event coordinator Pam Bloom said as she opened the ceremony on Tuesday, May 29. “It takes a lot of courage and dedication to be an everyday hero.”

Bloom recognized each of the local and visiting heroes, who are related to G.T. Norman students or are members of the Reed City community, by asking them to stand and wave. She then called students to the stage to sing songs, recite poems and more. Featured tributes included Casey Wanstead’s kindergarten class, for firefighters; Lindsey Delpiere’s second-graders, for medical personnel; Kylie Ruppert’s first-graders, for police; and Jackie Clark’s junior first-graders, for all heroes.

Also during the ceremony, funds from the last month’s sucker sales and dog treats were given to Osceola County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Mark Moore and Deputy Jed Avery for their K-9 partners Chase and Ryker, respectively.

“Even if the students are just buying 50 cent suckers, they are helping the community,” Bloom said. “I think this event teaches the children the responsibility our heroes have to the community and that it is important to say ‘thank you’ for the job they do.”