G.T. Norman kids salute grandparents

REED CITY — It was a bit brisk, Friday, April 29, but it warmed up quickly when grandparents and other special people in the lives of first graders at G.T. Norman Elementary in Reed City showed up for a day dedicated especially to them.

It was, indeed, Grandparents Day and there were plenty of hugs and kisses, lots of sweet treats, special cards, and hand holding as the little ones greeted their special people.

The gym held a huge crowd, and an appreciative one, as grandparents listened to the music provided by the children, knock-knock jokes, and had a fun time swinging and singing.

The Pledge of Allegiance was a sharing moment. The crowd stood in respect, and many placed their hands over their hearts. Some saluted. So did the kids.

Their were also poems to be read and prizes to be awarded to grandparents who had the most grandchildren, the oldest tractor, and a whole variety of other categories. Before the afternoon ended, children and those special people scurried off to classrooms for special treats and a special time of sharing and caring.