CHASE — It was a given before it was ever held that a whole lot of people would be willing to donate items and money for a fundraiser held over the weekend at the D Bar D Ranch located near Chase.

In fact, the goal was to raise at least $5,000. The trail ride itself was set to start at 1 p.m. By 1:30 p.m., there was already $10,000 paid or pledged.

That didn’t even include money paid by some to camp, by many for the big pig roast dinner complete with all the trimmings later in the day, nor for those wishing to put “friends” in the makeshift jail or to buy their own way back out.

That $10,000 was long before the silent auction ended just before the band started playing Saturday evening, and it beat out the money coming in for a very special cause. The money was earmarked to help buy a new piece of equipment for treating cancer at Spectrum/Reed City’s Crossroads Center.

Don Beach and Diane Davis and the family members who also live at the ranch had a special cause. His mom, Georgia, was being treated for cancer herself. They know firsthand the pain of losing a life to the dreaded foe. His dad died of the disease some time ago.

Georgia was to be at the ranch later Saturday herself.

At least 113 horses toted riders on the 10 mile trail, shortly after Pastor Dan Turose offered prayer. The riders were followed by two wagons with passengers, and a carriage as well.

As they rode, others signed pledges back at the ranch, and enjoyed checking out some of the silent auction donations, including a “Trail Mix Quilt” with inserts of similar animals there at the D Bar D. A number of people had their thoughts turned to a filly weanling valued at an estimated $2,500. Others, a Pomeranian puppy, or a two-night weekend getaway in Oscoda.

The tally at this time for the fundraiser is $14,022.25.

“I find that amazing,” Beach said.

The piece of special equipment to help with cancer treatments they wanted to help buy for Crossroads costs $30,000.

At the time of his mom’s treatments and the idea for the trail ride came into their thinking, Spectrum was still $18,000 short of that goal.

Don said, “We believed we could raise maybe $5,000 to help at least. This is overwhelming. It’s wonderful.”