Five percent of VanDrie’s sales goes toward Eagle Village

HERSEY — Now is a charitable time to purchase the new lamp or couch you’ve had your eye on.

This week, VanDrie Home Furnishings, located at 314 N. State St., in Big Rapids, is donating 5 percent of its sales to Eagle Village through the Mecosta County Community Fund. Shoppers must mention Eagle Village at the time of purchase.

“We’re just thrilled that VanDrie is supporting us,” said Lisa Spaugh, marketing coordinator at Eagle Village. “They have been long-time supporters of Eagle Village.”

Eagle Village, located in Hersey, is a non-profit family treatment center that provides intervention services and camps, residential treatment, foster care and adoption services.

“We currently have about $30,000 in our fund at the community foundation,” said Craig Weidner, Eagle Village’s director of development. “That’s going to help us out for years to come.”

Eagle Village hopes to double their fund, placing it at $60,000, Weidner said.

“All of the money will go into that fund for future use,” Spaugh said.

The money will eventually be put toward Eagle Village’s services, Spaugh said.

“If somebody would like to repurpose their whole house or just buy furniture, that will be a 5 percent gift to us,” Weidner said.

The furniture business has been connected to Eagle Village for years, said Jeremy Winkle, VanDrie Home Furnishings president.

“We host a golf outing for them every year and we help them out with their facilities,” Winkle said. “We’ve known Craig Weidner for most of our lives, who is our first connection to Eagle Village. What they do is needed and they do good work.”

The golf outing, held in September, raised $27,000 for Eagle Village’s activity therapy center, Weidner said.

Community support will boost the success of Mecosta County Community Foundation’s Match Day, which support charities, non-profit organizations and endowments.

“When we had the opportunity to participate in the community foundation, we tried to think of something unique for that event,” Weidner said.

Eagle Village, in Osceola County, is in a different situation than organizations in Mecosta County. Eagle Village is permitted to only use an endowment fund, in which they can receive a 4 percent return each year.

“To make a big difference, we need bigger gifts,” Weidner said.

In addition to gifts, the community foundation will match a percentage of the raised money.

Last year, nearly $890,000 was raised for Match Day. Over the past three years, the day has raised more than $1.3 million. This year, the foundation is hoping to raise $1 million in a single day.

Match Day will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 11, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., in the Big Rapids Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Center.

VanDrie’s 5 percent donation runs through Saturday, Nov. 8. Early next week, Weidner will collect the monetary gift from the business.

Donations also can be made directly to Eagle Village at