CHASE TOWNSHIP — When the call came in that a house was on fire on 64th Street in Chase Township on Wednesday, Reed City Chief Jim Decker and his crew wasted no time calling in additional help.

The initial call indicated that a mother and two children were unaccounted for, and Decker said, “You don’t take any chances and you want all the help you can get in a hurry.”

One after another sirens sounded as emergency vehicles sped from Reed City, Evart, Hersey, Lincoln Township, and Yates Township including ambulances and a Lake County Sheriff’s vehicle.

Decker said they soon learned that the family was safe. The children were in school. The mom, Tammi Love, was in town.

The home was a total loss, Decker said.

The next day the family continued to search for anything they could salvage, and there was one bit of a bright moment, according to a friend. When they opened a bedroom door, they soon discovered that a pet turtle in a bowl indeed had survived the fire too.