BIG RAPIDS — Ferris State University officials have announced 4,508 students received academic honors for the semester that ended in May 2017 at Ferris State University and Kendall College of Art and Design.

To be eligible for academic honors, the minimum requirements for full-time students each term are: 3.5 GPA and completion of 12 Ferris credit hours or more of graded course work at the 100 level or higher. The minimum requirements for part-time students each term are: 3.5 GPA with completion of at least 12 accumulated Ferris credit hours of graded course work at the 100 level or higher.

Local students achieving honors include (names are listed as submitted):


Buse, Bridgette

Nelson, Laurie

Bregg, Christina

Foote, Ruth

Fullmer, Rebekah

Stratz, Mary

Stratz, Seth

Tyson, Quinton

Gay, Edwin

Navarre, Jared

Renne, Philip

Wells, Wade

Schermerhorn, Alison

Woodard, Alaina


Imhoff, Courtney

Payne, Laura

Myrand, Jill

Kushmaul, Jamie

Chupp, Gavin

McPherson, Elizabeth

McLachlan, Taylor

Custer, Kristen

Bonnett, Samantha

Nadig, Lacee

Devos, Jennifer

Gillespie, Rachael

Molina, Mariesa

Molina, Anniesa

Bullock, Nicole

Bashore, Brenton


Buss, Elizabeth

Yarger, Allyson

Saul, Bethany

Carey, Samantha

Buss, Michael

Clark, Samantha

Pitney, Cory

Neal, Logan

Cross, Kaytlyn

Vickerman, Katlyn

Allen, Dax

Adams, Jacqueline


Bigelow, April

Steadman, Katie

Witherspoon, Kelly

Johnson, Alyssa

Harris, Lucas

Swartz, Erin

Cornelius, Mckenzie

Reed City

Andres, Ashley

Leonard, Jacob

Dickerson, Jeffery

Crandall, Mickayla

Robbins, Marina

Cox, Zachary

Allen, Cutler

Emington, Sarah

Marsh, Stephen

Price, Hanna

Nashed, Mariam

Parker, Daniel

Fairchild, Emily

Chrispell, Dylan

Kinsey, Trevor

Quinn, Ashley

Elledge, Jonathan

Hensel, Kalee

Patton, Tyler

Schneidt, Zachary

Schneidt, Michael

Morgan, Courtney

Edmonds, Tina

Washburn, Karren

Skiver, Evan

Kissinger, Kandis

Horchner, Courtney

Miller, Thomas

Raby, Edward

Swales, Jacob

Shelton, Josephine

Chase, Eric

Wirth, Elisa

Neahr, Hannah

Horn, Zoe

Mund, Spencer

Fasbender, Gabrielle


Bowen, Derek

Castillo, Corey

Sochocki, Lane

Stitt, Abigail