Family donates lake house to Habitat for Humanity

Proceeds of sale will go to new build

LAKE MISSAUKEE -- Wexford Osceola Habitat for Humanity has been blessed with a donation of huge proportions, a news release from the organization said.

A down-state family who has spent many summers on Lake Missaukee has decided to build their dream home on their lake property, and before they could do that, their summer cottage needed to be demolished or moved.

After some brainstorming, the family decided they wanted to bless another family by donating their existing home to Wexford Osceola Habitat for Humanity, the news release said. After months of working on timelines and logistics, they are very close to moving the house.

"The difference between dreams and reality often lies in execution, and that's why so many dreams don't come to fruition," the donor family states. "We like to be good stewards of our resources, but the reality of making that happen was turning out to be formidable. When we connected with Habitat, we found a great partner that was able to quickly step in and help make our stewardship dreams a reality.

"The Wexford Habitat is comprised of great people, with a multitude of skills and community connections, all wrapped in a Christian entrepreneurial spirit," the statement continued. "We couldn't have been more pleased to work with them."

While they don't yet have a permanent location for the house, the intention is to move it close to it's current location to minimize moving expenses, Amy Gibbs, Executive Director at WOHFH said.

Once moved, the home will be sold and the proceeds will be used for the next WOHFH home build or priority home repair in Wexford and Osceola counties.

"This is a win-win situation for all," Gibbs said. "We can relocate the home and use the proceeds towards our mission of building and repairing safe and affordable housing for families in our community.

"The house is in great shape because it had been remodeled in 2013, so the structure is great," she continued. "There may be minimal rehab work that needs to be done due to having to remove the chimney for the move."

WOHFH is appreciative of the donation received, and wants to encourage others to please think of Habitat when estate planning. Planned giving is an option for anyone who wants to leave a legacy to their community.

Please call 231-468-1096 or email Amy at with any questions or to request an application.