EVART — The Community Building at the Osceola 4H FFA Fairgrounds is getting to be a very busy place. It has been for some time.

A while back, things got a little ... strange.

It seemed to be almost surreal, the combination of several activities going on at once in the same building, yet it didn’t seem to detract anyone from their primary purpose in life at that moment.

For Rhadigan’s woodcarvers, the carving continued, while behind many of them a whole group of people lined up and began line-dancing.

The music played. They danced.

The hub-bub was almost contagious.

The line dancers danced in a line, and the wood carvers carved. As those things happened, the Commission on Aging luncheon was set up and the COA lunchees gathered at tables at the south end of the building and ate.

And the carvers carved and the dancers danced.

Soon, the carvers abandoned their work stations and their projects and moved to the window at the east end where members of the Lions Club had prepared food for their lunchtime pleasure.

Carvers bought, returned to their work stations. Some carved in between bites, others simply turned to carving a sandwich.

At one point, the music stopped. The carving had. The feeding was finished, and it seemed a collective breath was taken.

Then the return to what had been happening happened.

Until the line dancers left, the Commission on Aging eaters finished and left, and the Lions cleaned up, and the carvers? Carved.