Extreme faith and extreme stunts: Zero Gravity Outreach brings high-flying act to Reed City

REED CITY — The former Reed City Airport may not see many airplanes these days, but there were quite a few vehicles going airborne from the runway on Saturday.

Members of Zero Gravity Outreach brought their extreme sport performance to Reed City to not only show off some mid-air tricks to testify to their abilities, but also as a testament to overcoming addiction, said Lisa Spaugh, marketing coordinator for Eagle Village.

“It shows our kids that you can go after your passions, but still have your faith and be wild and crazy if you want,” said Spaugh, who organized bringing Zero Gravity to Reed City.

Zero Gravity Outreach is a group of extreme stuntmen who have struggled with drug or alcohol abuse or had other problems they have overcome. Members live across the U.S., but come together for these shows.

The group is planning to move its point of operations from the U.P. to Georgia in the near future, so Spaugh was pleased they were able to bring them to the area.

"We've never done anything like this before," she said.

In addition to those in the Eagle Village program, Spaugh also invited area church youth groups to attend the free event. Zero Gravity performers took turns doing tricks and stunts and talking about their struggles and the role that faith in God and Jesus played in overcoming those obstacles.

Lakeside Motorsports and Higgins and Associates played a big role as the event's main sponsors, Spaugh said, adding that Mike Higgins was so fired up about the event that he brought out his own stunt truck and took part in the show, doing some jumps of his own.