Extreme Gamer’s Guild sees positive student interaction

REED CITY — In 2007, several teachers at Reed City Middle School decided that it was time to meet the needs of an ignored, if not maligned population in their building.

Rob Nista, currently the assistant principal of G.T. Norman Elementary School, had visions of a group of adults who enjoyed video games and wanted to share their love of gaming with their students. That was the year of the very first E.G.G., or Extreme Gamer’s Guild

Students bring their gaming systems and take part in a community of virtual questers, builders, dragon slayers, assassins, and button mashers.

After a day of learning, the members of the E.G.G. gather in the computer lab to pass out specially designed shirts for the event. They organize tournaments for popular games like Halo, Black Ops, Madden Football, Wii Boxing or whatever game is popular at the time. Food and drinks are provided to keep the gamers at full health during the eight-hour event.

Thanks to the high interest in video games and the volunteer hours of dedicated teachers like Mr. Rob Nista, Jestin VanScoyoc, Michael Howe, William Zolman, Myra Stern, Susan Saladin, Jeremy DeVos and Gerald Langworthy, there have been two such events each year.

The final E.G.G. event this year will take place on Friday, April 25. It can create create friendships, champions, and life-long memories of Reed City Middle School.