Evart youngsters, parents enjoy Mother-Daughter event

Paint and frosting marked Wednesday, Nov. 28, at Evart Elementary School, where mothers and daughters spent time bonding over various crafts. Spread across multiple stations, attendees could paint each other's faces, decorate cookies, color on t-shirts or create customized lanterns from plastic cups during the annual Mother-Daughter Craft Night. At one station, (from left) Amanda and Alani Lomelin frost cookies together. (Herald Review photos/Meghan Gunther-Haas)

(From left) Stach and Emerson Keathley create the design of their lantern, which then would be placed inside a plastic cup with an electronic tealight. This event is the first of four similar family-bonding experiences, coordinated by the Parents for Kids organization, set throughout the year. The other activities include father-son, father-daughter and mother-son events.

Evart elementary students paint their mothers' faces after completing some of the other activities available Wednesday evening. The next event will be a father-son sledding evening in January.