Recreation department won seven pair of snowshoes to kick-start group

EVART — Winter-weather lovers in Evart soon will have the chance to take a step into a new snowy pastime after the Evart Parks and Recreation department won seven pair of snowshoes. In the spirit of the giving season, Atlas Snow-shoe Company donated the snowshoes to the department after they garnered more than 500 votes in three days in a Facebook competition. “It took a whole lot of marketing,” said Evart Parks and Recreation Director Mark Wilson. “It was just networking it out to large groups of people that I know. It was a pretty remarkable feat for three days.” The company set up the competition to give seven pair of snowshoes — including a variety of child and adult sizes — to a nonprofit organization that could make good use of them. To enter the competition, organizations could add themselves to the poll on the Atlas Facebook page and had to receive the most votes by noon on Dec. 13. As an avid snowshoer, Wilson was considering starting a program for the city but needed more gear for community members. “This contest certainly stirred up a lot of interest within the community. It should be a good start to our snoeshoeing program,” Wilson said. “I have 12 people who are firmly committed to the group, and I had 18 to 20 who said if we had some loaner shoes they would participate.” Wilson plans to begin the snowshoe program with treks for beginners around the parks in Evart soon, depending on snow fall. He also plans to schedule outings for snowshoers with more experience on more challenging trails in Evart. “It really doesn’t take a whole lot of skill,” Wilson said. “It’s a skill that anybody can pick up.” For updates on the group, check the Evart Parks and Recreation Facebook page.