Evart students thankful for mom

EVART — First-grade students in Sara Laad's class at Evart Elementary School took time on Friday to make a craft celebrating their mothers for Mother's Day.

"I do a Mother's Day craft every year," Laad said. "I know how much moms do for their kids and I think they deserve something special."

Each child received a small flower ready to plant and was able to decorate a paper purse which opened to reveal a poem, a picture of themselves and a "Happy Mother's Day" message. They also decorated paper bags in which to safely transport the flowers.

When asked why they love their mother, students were more than willing to share.

"She helps me clean and she plays with me," said 6-year-old Isabella Conklin.

"She makes dinner and she helps me," said Breeonna Morgan, 7.

Each student used markers, crayons, tissue paper and glue to make their creations unique.

Student Allyson Duncan, 6, said she had fun making the crafts and thinks her mom will like the flower, while fellow 6-year-old Keith VanHaitsma said he is excited to give his gift.