EVART — Seniors at Evart High School were celebrated and honored with awards and scholarships earned during the year.

In addition, 31 students earned academic honors for high grade point averages. Top 10 students received a certificate, seven students received plaques and the Valedictorians and Salutatorian received medallions.

Here is a list of the recipients for the class of 2013:

Central Michigan University

Lydia Wetters – Board of Trustees Honor Scholarship $2,500 / year Renewable Honors Program Scholarship $2,500 / year Renewable Centralis Scholarship

Ferris State University 

Nicole Bullock – Founder’s Scholarship $10,710 / yr Renewable

Logan Hammer – Ferris Gold Scholarship $1,500 / yr Renewable

Nathan Struble - Ferris Gold Scholarship $1,500 / yr Renewable

Taylor McLachlan - Ferris Gold Scholarship $1,500 / yr Renewable

Joe Call – Ferris Crimson Scholarship $1,000 / yr Renewable

Grand Valley State University

Kristen Custer – Laker Scholarship

Holbart Institiute of Welding Tech: $300

Devin Reagan

Mid Michigan CC: $1,600

Gavin Chupp – Pre-Engineering Scholarship $600

Admissions Scholarship $1,000

Missouri University of Science & Technology:

Devon VanOrder – Miner Alumni Scholarship $2,000

Miner Out-Of-State Scholarship $7,000

Miner Scholarship $2,000

D.A.R. Good Citizen 

Devon VanOrder

Elks Outstanding Student 

Nicole Bullock

Antonio Downs-Ullom Memorial Scholarship: $ 600 each, $1,200 Total

Gavin Chupp

Kristen Custer

Evart Chamber of Commerce: $500 each, $1,000 total 

Logan Hammer

Devon VanOrder

Evart Community Business Women $500 each, $2,000 total

Taylor McLachlan

Saige Nabozny

Kam VanScoyoc

Lydia Wetters

Evart Education Association – Book Donation: $150 each, $450 total

Nicole Bullock

Amanda Farrell

Lydia Wetters

Evart Lions Club - $1,000 each,

Kristen Custer

Taylor McLachlan

Evart Athletic Boosters – $250 Evart Senior Athlete of the Year

Devon VanOrder

Lydia Wetters

FSU – AFSCME Local 1609: $500

Kevin Moore

Highland Conference Athlete of the Year

Devon VanOrder

Lydia Wetter

Hillier Scholarship - $6,000

Lydia Wetters

MARSPA: $900

Taylor McLachlan

MHSAA Scholar – Athletes

Gavin C. Chupp

Kaitlyn Parsons

Kameron VanScoyoc

Logan Hammer

Taylor McLachlan

Michigan Community Blood Centers 

Alexandria Carmichael

Alexander Newton

Richard Herrera

Richard Miller

Michigan Competitive Scholarship

Kristen Custer

Taylor McLachlan

Lydia Wetters

Osceola County Foundation – $9,400

Alex Bengry – Rich & Cindy Outman

Nicole Bullock - Babb

Kristen Custer – Carolyn McLachlan Curtin

Amanda Farrell – Amy Gregory & Rich & Cindy Outman

Logan Hammer – FSU Osceola

Taylor McLachlan – James F. McLachlan & Rich Cindy Outman

Devon VanOrder – Rich & Cindy Outman

Presentation of Flags (to our exchange students) Presented by the V.F.W.

Akira Inoue - Japan

Bea Santos - Brazil

Sacred Heart – Julia Ross Memorial - $1,071

Gavin Chupp

Devon VanOrder

S.J. Martin Award 

Nicole Bullock

Spectrum Health - $1,000

Lydia Wetters

Staff Member of the Year 

Mr. Steve Stange

U.S. Army Reserves National ScholarAthlete

Nathan Struble

Lydia Wetters

U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence

Devon VanOrder

Voice of Democracy - $ 400

1st Place — Joe Call $200

2nd Place — Alex Newton $150

3rd Place — Devon VanOrder $50

Career Center Students Honor Students

Kevin Moore — CAD

Felicia Riskovich — Early Childhood

Joe Call — Innovative Engineering — received $250 from MOISD Career Center Award

Richard Herrera — Innovative Engineering

Alex Newton — Innovative Engineering

Kurtis Clark — Welding & Fabrication

Devin Reagan — Welding & Fabrication

Jack Tucker — Welding & Fabrication

Logan Hammer — Stuart Hamel Memorial Award $500

Math/Science Center Honors

Nicole Bullock

Lydia Wetters

Student Council Awards

STCC Executive Board

Class Pres. — Richard Herrera

President — Taylor McLachlan

Class Vice Pres — Taylor McLachlan

Treasurer — Kristen Custer

Class Tres. — Kam VanScoyoc

Secretary — Richard Herrera

Class Secretary – Devon VanOrder

Class Representative — Kristen Custer

National Honors Society

President — Nicole Bullock

Secretary — Lydia Wetters


Alex Bengry, Gavin Chupp, Kristen Custer, Amanda Farrell, Logan Hammer, Taylor McLachlan, Devan VanOrder, Kaitlyn Whitman