Evart pocket park named after city's logging history

EVART — Following the end of a fun online naming contest, the Evart Pocket Park has a new name.

Cant Hook Park was chosen as the space's title, which is a reflection of Evart's history in the lumbering industry. Cant hooks, tools used for gripping and moving logs, were manufactured in Evart for decades.

To help name the park, Downtown Development Authority Director Al Weinberg used namecontests.com, which allows individuals to host a free contests for naming businesses, works of art, animals and even babies.

Weinberg said he's happy with the result of the contest, noting the new name ties into the new "Welcome to Evart" signs featuring multiple logs.

"I like that the name points back to our roots as a community," Weinberg said. "We are a community in which logging and agriculture are still a big part of what's going on today."

About 40 entries were suggested on the contest website, he added, and the positive response from the community says Evart citizens care about what's happening in their hometown. Throughout the course of a month, local residents suggested names for the park such as Wildcat Community Park, Joseph B. Smith Settlers Park, Central Park and Heritage Park.

"The contest had really great participation and it showed us there are a lot of great people and things that have made Evart what it is," Weinberg said.

The small park, which includes a public restroom and pavilion, is located next to Evart Pharmacy on Main Street. It was constructed as part of the Downtown Infrastructure Grant project completed last summer.

Next, Weinberg hopes to appropriate funds for signage and feature a grand opening event.