Evart man enjoying unique ice fishing season

EVART — Josh Johnson is taking advantage of the productive ice fishing season in the area.

The Evart resident, a teacher and coach at the high school, has been out ice fishing with his sons and enjoying plenty of success.

“We’ve had a really good winter so far,” Johnson said.

He’s been mostly on private lakes in Osceola County.

“I’ve been finding mostly 8 to 10 inches of ice,” he said.  “We’re getting a lot of pan fish, mostly crappies. I haven’t done well on bluegills yet this year. The crappie bite is good on many lakes. We’re getting them on a few different lakes.”

Johnson said he tried to fish a lot during the holidays when there’s a break from sports.

“We’ve really been hitting it pretty hard,” he said. ‘I haven’t seen a lot of fisherman. Jay Wallace (Evart athletic director) and I go a lot together.

Regardless of the temperatures, Johnson and his friends have been out fishing.

“You have to be prepared,” he said. “We bring heaters and hot chocolate. You have to be prepared for it.”

But it’s a lot of fun.

“The goal is for us to get to the next fish fry,”  he said. “We get our families together and have a fish fry. The goal is to have a fish fry. That’s a lot of fun.”