Evart 'friends' find common bond on Facebook

EVART — So ... how do you know if you’re really from Evart, Michigan?

Some folks take a look at a newly developed Facebook page that is getting more and more “hits,” many more “friends,” lots of “likes” and is slowly but surely becoming the talk of the town.

You know you are from Evart, Michigan if........” is a Facebook location originally created by Bruce Brackett, and now being filled with photos and comments by a wide variety of ‘friends’ from both near and far.

In a very short period of time, and largely as the result of an extremely informal word-of-mouth campaign, well over 900 people have signed on as ‘friends’ and hundreds and hundreds of photos have been added to the ever-growing collection of archival quality material.

“I got the idea for this page from my wife, Diane,” reported Brackett.

“I guess I’m the pagemaster ... or whatever. Folks are pretty much on their own, but they seem to be contacting me and I’m considered the host, I guess.”

Brackett set the page up with encouragement from his wife who had seen similar pages coming out of her old high school.

“She showed me how to set up a Facebook page, and things just took off from there,” he pointed out.

“That was toward the end of summer and in three months we’ve seen interest in this page grow a lot.”

Initially, there were only a half dozen ‘friends’ on the page, but then folks around the area, state, and nation started hearing about “ ... the Evart page.”

Interest skyrocketed almost overnight.

“It wasn’t long before the site began filling up with photos,” said Brackett. “Everybody seems to just love the nostalgia of this page.

“We aren’t necessarily able to log who is where when they sign up, but we do know there are a lot of people who haven’t lived in this area for quite some time who are finding the page a good way to renew contacts or keep in touch.

“I don’t know how word is spreading, but it sure is getting out there.

“This is a great place to find someone you haven’t seen in many years, or even just sort through some of the historic photos that have been placed on file.

“It’s really a lot of fun.”

Brackett also noted the new Facebook page was a good ‘tool’ in helping plan high school or family reunions in the area.

“This page is a great way to get the word out for a wide variety of ‘happenings,” he said.

The “Evart page” can be accessed by simply logging on to a Facebook account and searching for “You know you are from Evart, Michigan if........”

It’s almost guaranteed anyone checking out the site will spend a little time and end up charmed.