Evart district superintendent grateful for public support


EVART - Howard Hyde was worried.

Evart’s school district superintendent knew the General Election ballot was jammed. There were a lot of personalities and proposals to consider.

Voting could be long and time-consuming during this most recent election cycle, and the most important issue facing the Evart Public Schools district was the last thing to be determined - way down at the bottom of the page, on the flip side of the ballot.

Hyde was worried people would simply pass it by.

They didn’t.

Voters in the Evart school district approved a millage renewal that is designed to guarantee the district’s ability to continue capturing the legislated 18 mills in funding.

The millage renewal passed with 1,478 voters saying ‘Yes” and 1,370 voters casting ‘No’ ballots.

It was tight, but the district will retain some $1.8 million in operational funding for the 2013-14 school year.

“We are really thankful the voters decided as they did,” said Hyde. “I’m pleased.

“We are already covered for this year - through December. Passage of this renewal covers our funding through the year to follow.”

The EPS financial planning team have made it a policy to stay one year ahead of the budgeting program in order to consistently allow the district to capture 18 mills - even in case of a rollback.

“We hold a renewal vote one year at a time,” explained Hyde. “We simply do it one year ahead of the budgeting schedule so that we don’t have a lag in funding.

“We must guarantee that our millage funding doesn’t drop below 18 mills, or we can lose a lot of money.”

Voters in the Evart district also returned incumbents Alan Bengry and Alan Benson to the two open seats at the EPS Board of Education table. Candidate Charles Walter came in third in the polling.