Evart commemorates Independence Day with fireworks, parade

EVART — One of the most incredible display of pyrotechnics Evart had experienced in years dazzled visitors who gazed into the night sky on Sunday, July 3, 2016.

Though the parade from Evart’s Independence Day celebration didn’t light up the sky, the two events were surely matched in enthusiasm.

The sidewalks of Main Street were jammed with people at Evart on Monday.

Clusters of onlookers wearing red, white and blue could be seen as various veterans, police cars, floats, tractors and other attractions drove through the parade. A horse painted with the colors of the American flag on a part of its body could even be seen clopping along.

Crowd members stood and clapped as United States Military veterans lead the festivities.

Barb Grove, who lives in Reed City but has been attending Evart’s parade for more than 20 years, said she has seen both the celebrations and the crowds expand over time.

“As the parade gets bigger, the crowd gets bigger,” Grove said.

Grove said the Evart celebration is important since nearby areas like Reed City don’t have Independence Day parades.

As people in the parade tossed handfuls of candy onto the crowd,  children rushed to pick up suckers, pieces of gum, Tootsie Rolls and other treats.

After the hour-long parade came to a close, the annual Party in the Park in Riverside Park began.

The celebration included a large sprinkler, inflatables, mechanical bull and surf board attractions, plus more activities.

Long lines for food and drinks immediately formed in the park as people stood around during the warm, cloudless day.

Burton residents Greg and Diana Jones, who came with their children Garret, Abby and Maddy, said they have enjoyed the park festivities.

“So far the kids have been on the bull and the surfboard,” Greg said.

Gary Linder, who had been out at the park since 7 a.m. preparing chicken with other members of Evart Masonic Lodge Number 320, said everything was going well.

“I’ve been pretty hot next to the fire, but other than that everything has been ducky,” Linder said.