Evart begins search for DDA director

EVART — Somebody needs to be at the helm.

With the recent resignation of Darcy Salinas from the top spot in Evart’s Downtown Development Authority, board members of DDA have begun an active search for a organization director.

Salinas left the directorship in July heading for points south to take up a new posting as director of the Big Rapids Downtown Business Association.

She had been working with the DDA since November, 2008.

While with the Evart team, Salinas organized the annual Summer Musicale Series concert schedule, helped create the Evart Shop Local program, was one of the movers and shakers in creating the Evart Fall Festival, and helped give new life to the Downtown Facade and Building Improvement Program.

She also represented Evart in conferences and seminars, such as the Michigan Festival and Events Association gathering, getting ideas and networking with as many groups and organizations as she could.

Salinas was a key figure in the organizational efforts of Evart’s Christmas in a Small Town program.

She was an enthusiastic and impressive ‘cheerleader’ for all things Evart, and will certainly be the same for the Big Rapids downtown community.

But now ... the Evart DDA needs a new director.

The Evart DDA district is not very big — the immediate downtown area and along U.S. 10 to Twin Creek. Still, there is a lot of opportunity for the organization to create new programs, and maintain existing programs that highlight the community.

DDA planners have announced they are looking for a part-time director “ ... who will lead the organizations business and community development efforts.”

The selected director will be focusing on the DDA district, but it is well recognized that any program in that administrative area has a direct influence on the entire community.

With a degree of guidance from the DDA board, the director will:

“ ... be responsible for the initiation and promotion of programs to improve, preserve and enhance the DDA district as well as promoting the overall appearance and economic violability of the district.”

No short order.

The DDA search team are looking for a person with education and experience in business development, economic development, strategic planning, marketing, real-estate development, and/or community organization.

Applications for the position are due no later than Sept. 16 and should be addressed to the DDA Search, PO Box 668, Evart, MI 49631.

For more information on the job and application process, those interested should contact (231) 734-6119.