EVART — Evart High School has announced its 2015 underclassmen student awards that were handed out on May 29.

Band: #thevisionaward –

Kenny Eastman, Danielle Conklin and Rachel Martin.

Backbone of the Band Award — 

Garth Belville and Trevor Hartsock.

Most Musical — 

Josh Woods and Zach Molina.

Future Leader — 

Sara Rakowski and Erin Flowers.

Best Section — 

Saxophone: Josh Woods, Micah Wetters, Megan Batten, Jacob Quist and Arianna Mooney.

Most Reliable — 

Shantelle Nicoletta

Most Improved — 

Savanah Ross

Physical Education Outstanding Team Player Award — 

Caleb Hutchinson

Physical Education Perseverance Award —

Andrew Bengry

Physical Trainer of the Year —

Cody Pritchard

Comeback Kid of the Year —

Kevin Roys

Academic achievement in English 9 —

Scott Whitman and Katelynn Gudding.

Academic achievement in English 10 —

Layne Nadig and Becca Grable.

Writing Award —

Sydney Ellsworth and Brooklynn Elenbaas.

Academic Achievement in Language Arts 11 — 

Mara VanOrder, Natasha Niles, Shantelle Nicoletta, Brittani Leonhardt, Nick Niles and Mikayla Wallace.

Academic Achievement in World History — 

Scott Whitman, Kaitlyn Gudding, Nataleigh Burhans, Jericho Vanscoyc, Layne Nadig, Kaitlyn Kozitski, Nathaniel Bolan, Jesse Park, Trevin Ladd, Sara Rakowski, Kamryn Struble and Megan Wade.

Art: Outstanding Creativity Award —

Ashley Laesser and Zachary Rounds.

Spanish Courage Award —

Erin Flowers

Foreign Language Day Award — 

Amber Freeman

Math Awards —

Nick Niles, Santana Scott, Josh Woods, Daniel Bengry, Nathaniel Bolan and Cody Pritchard.

Math Endurance Award — 

Shawna Tripp, Josh Dorn, Jaycee Schuberg, James Rohen, Brittney Morris, Amber Webster and Alyssa Witbeck.

Math Mastery Award — 

Scott Whitman, Arriana Mooney/Schneider, Sydney Ellsworth, Danielle Beasley and Nick Niles.

Math Value Award — 

Savanna Ross, Justin Clark, Zach Rounds, Daniel Conklin, Erin Flowers, Arrow Vibbert and Isabela Fonseca.

Academic Achievement in U.S. History —

Calynn Schaefer

Academic Achievement in Civics/Economics —

Robert Tapling

Academic Achievement in Psychology —

Shantelle Nicoletta

Science scholar students —

Megan Batten, Rebeccca Grable, Layne Nadig, Kamryn Struble, Danielle Beasley, Scott Whitman, Erin Flowers, Kaitlynn Gudding, Sara Rakowski and Nathaniel Bolan.

Entrepreneurs Award — 

Alexis Creeden, Alexis Todd and Macey Wallace.

ACT awards Presented by the Evart Chamber of Commerce: 

  • 18-22 Score certificate and 4 drawings for $10 each Wesco cards — Andrew Bengry, Clairese Clark, Bridgette Coleman, Breanna Crawford, Noah Drake, Michael Forbes, Chris Imhoff, Dylan Kitchen, Harley Logic, Rachel Martin, Andrew Maxwell, Zach Molina, Elizabeth Moyer, Shantelle Nicoletta, Natasha Niles, Kyle Nunn, Zach Parshall, Aurelia Pratt, Noah Ryan, Lane Sochiki, Aliyah Soto, Abigail Stitt, Anthony Swanson, Mara Vanorder, Mikayla Wallace, Allyssa Witbeck and Brandon Youngs.
  • 23-26 Score certificate and drawing for $20 wesco card — Micah Wetters, Robbie Tapling, Sarah Schrabeun, Brittani Leonhardt, Alexis Fehrenbach and Amber Eastman.
  • 27 + Score certificate $50 Wesco card each — Nick Niles and Santana Scott.

Principals Award — 9th grade, Katelynn Gudding; 10th grade, Josh Woods; 11th grade; Santana Scott.