Evart Township launches new Facebook group

EVART-- Evart Township has launched a new "Evart Township News" Facebook group.

The Evart Township Board of Trustees approved the creation of a township Facebook group at its meeting June 2 as a way to better communicate with the public.

"There is not a very good way to get the word out to our constituents," Township Supervisor Doug Derscheid said. "We had a last-minute postponement of trash day, and it was too late to do a mailing by the time I got the word. That just reaffirmed in my mind that there may be a better way to communicate these things to the public."

Derscheid said he was not interested in a page that people can comment on and have a lot of back and forth but would not be opposed to a page they could post announcements on and provide information.

"We could announce meetings and any updates throughout the month," he said. "I think it would make information a little more available to constituents. It would not be a page you can comment on, it would be simply an announcement page."

Township Clerk Denise Custer said she believed it would be good for the township because right now they are not reaching people fast enough.

"We had a lot of people asking about trash day, and I had trouble contacting some," Custer said. "This would be another way for them to look for information, along with the township website. I can put election information on it, as well as meeting information. It is one more way people can know what is happening in the township."

Board Treasurer Martha Hartman said people are more likely to look at a Facebook page than they are the newsletter that comes with their tax bill.

"As long as it is for information only and no one can respond back to us, I think it is a great idea," Hartman said. "If they do want to respond, they can call one of us."

Board members agreed it would be a good way to keep the public informed, and that having just an announcement Facebook page that others could not comment on was the best way to go.

The township launched its new Facebook group on June 12. Information will continue to be posted on the township website and in the monthly newsletters, as well.