EVART -- Evart Recycle resumed collections on Saturday June 13, after being shut down for several weeks because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"We appreciate everyone's patience during the time we have been unable to host this community event. Recycle is back now that the stay at home order is lifted," Recycle Bulls managers Doug and Dawn Rueffer stated on their Facebook page.

Evart Recycling operates the second Saturday of every month from 9 a.m. to noon.

The recycling is normally run by a 4-H group, but due to MSU Extension closing down in person 4-H activities, it is volunteers only for the next few months.

As the service resumes, there are a few things recyclers are being asked to keep in mind:

•The recycling program is being operated as a community volunteer program, so please be courteous and patient, as the volunteers try to unload cars as quick as they can

• Please have all recycling sorted, lids removed from plastic bottles (if possible) and everything rinsed out.

• If there is any trash, unsorted items, unsanitary items, or items that are not accepted, that will that will slow things down. The company that takes the recycling determines what can and cannot be accepted, so please keep that in mind.

• Please maintain social distancing by staying inside your vehicles.

• This is a community event and everyone is welcome to bring their recycling, as long as they follow the guidelines.

• If no one is there, do not leave your recycling at the building.

• Do not leave household trash, building materials, or anything else that is not recyclable.

"We are on the fairgrounds property and we must keep it clean and safe for everyone. We want to show our appreciation for being allowed to provide this service to the community," Reuffer said.

Items that are accepted include:

• No.1 clear plastic water bottles (lids removed)

• No.2 milk containers (lids removed)

• No.2 colored plastic (lids removed)

• Cardboard (corregated and paperboard)

• Paper (newspaper, glossy magazine, plain)

• Shredded paper (contained in a bag by itself)

• Clear glass

• Styrofoam

• Aluminum

• Tin

• Batteries

Items that are not accepted include:

• No. 1 colored plastics

• No.3 and up plastics

• Colored, tinted, or frosted glass

• Plastic clamshell containers

• Electronics

• Plastic bags (grocery store or dog food)

• Normal household trash