Evart Public Library gets new LED signage

EVART -- Local residents may have noticed a new LED sign outside the Evart Public Library.

The sign will be used to advertise upcoming events at the library, as well as community events.

"There would be something happening and everybody would comment they didn't know it was going on," Library director Lilas Vanscoyoc said. "There was a lack of communication, so we thought if we had a community sign, we could run the events and people would be aware of things that were coming up. That's where the idea came from."

Vanscoyoc said when she began looking at prices for signs, they were expensive.

She knew the library wouldn't have money for one, so she started looking around at grants to help cover the cost.

From her efforts, the library received two grants, one from the Great Lakes Energy Foundation and one from the Osceola County Community Foundation.

In addition, they received donations from several local entities.

"We're very, very fortunate with the way our community supports us," Library employee Marty Geary said.

It took two years for it all to come together, getting the funding and dealing with permits and variances, Vanscoyoc said, noting the number of channels the organization had to go through.

"Anyone can use it, it's not just for the library," she said. "We'll have anything that's going on in the community. It's only been up a week and we have already had two groups contact us to use it."

There is no fee for advertising on the sign.