Evart PFK group hosts mother, son event

The sounds of hammers against small wooden garden planters could be heard throughout Evart Elementary School on Tuesday as boys worked with their mothers, or other female role models, during the Night to Grow with Mom event. The event, sponsored by Home Depot and Morgan’s Composting, was hosted by the Evart Elementary Parents for Kids (PFK) group and is one of four family nights giving each student a chance to make memories with a female and male role model, said PFK President Bre Grabill. (Pictured, from left) Amanda Joyce holds the garden planter while her son, Caleb, creates a design on the back. (Herald Review photos/Meghan Gunther-Haas)

(From left) Dayton, Nicole and Brandon Kups add the final details to their garden planters. After assembling the planters, event participants filled plastic cups with soil, then received zinnia seeds. Families then brought their crafts home to watch the flowers grow.