Evart Musicale hosts Raisin Pickers

OSCEOLA COUNTY – Summer rolls on with a bucket of entertainment opportunities for folks visiting in Osceola County – and area residents as well.

With weekend concerts and hands-on art ‘happenings’ throughout the area, there is something to do most afternoons and evenings.

A short drive up and down U.S. 10 and folks can take advantage of two or three musical events while learning about a new art form.

This week, there’s plenty happening in Reed City during the Crossroads Festival, (See story and a schedule of events elsewhere in this Pioneer-Osceola Edition.)

Just a short drive down the highway, Evart’s Summer Musicale series continues going strong with an offering by the ever-popular Raisin Pickers bluegrass team.

The hyper-talented trio will take the stage at Evart’s historic Depot at 6:30 Saturday evening Aug. 13.

The Raisin Pickers are three musicians who understand completely where traditional music comes from, and what their role is in carrying it forward.

Just as traditional music in America finds its roots in Celtic and Scottish rhythms, folds in the passion of African-American songs, and embraces the souls of those who pass it on, so the Raisin Pickers of Michigan, have learned from the past, assimilated their strengths and arrived at a sound all their own.

A distinguished string band that draws on that vast array of traditional musical influences, the Raisin Pickers feature Carol Wells Palms, (string bass, fiddle, vocals), Mark Palms, (banjo, fiddle, guitar, vocals), and David Mosher, (mandolin, fiddle, guitar, vocals.)

The Musicale series is slowly grinding to a close.

Following the Raisin Pickers there will be a double-header of Celtic music featuring the groups Mulligan Stew and Rant Maggie Rant.

For lovers of the genre, this presentation promises to be a highlight of the season.

The Celtic mini-fest is set for Saturday, Aug. 21, from 3:30-8:30 p.m.