Evart Middle School celebrates 90 years

EVART – The doors of Evart Middle School were decorated with blue and yellow streamers as the school welcomed the community to a birthday bash on Saturday, Oct. 5.

The school houses fifth through eighth grades, but was previously used for all grade levels.

“Seniors were up on the third floor,” said Jason O’Dell, Evart Middle School principal. “If I remember correctly from what people have told me, there were kindergarten rooms where the office is and first and second grade on the first floor.”

Now, the third floor displays senior class photos by year of graduation.

“There a few from the beginning that aren’t there because we sent them out to get digitized,” O’Dell explained.

Deb Booher and her grandson, Jacob, stopped to take a look at the photos. Booher and her daughter graduated from the building and Jacob is currently in eighth grade at the school.

“My grandma also graduated from here when it was another building,” Booher said. “She was born in 1898. So there’s a ton of history here. Not so many families today stay put.”

Booher went to a country school until eighth grade.

“I came in here only as a freshman,” she said. “I remember thinking that it was so huge and I thought I would be trampled. I would stand against the wall between classes.”

The purpose of the event, O’Dell said, was to celebrate the heritage of the school.

“So many people in this community went to this place,” he said. “There’s as many memories in this school as there are bricks. It was and still is a focal point of our community.”

Rosie McKinstry, a 1972 graduate and sports booster, said she hoped people would come out and want to get involved.

“We’re trying to get the community together and get people to be active,” McKinstry said. “Whether it be with the sports boosters, the school, the kids … anything.”