Evart Green Tech expo to discuss biofuels, soil

EVART — You can make an impact on your local community.

Sustainable living, buying local and being informed is what organizers of the Green Technology Expo hope to encourage.

The event is planned for Saturday,  March 17 at Evart High School. The day will include speakers, classroom presentations and venders to give plenty of sensible ideas on how to employ the latest green technologies at home and on the farm.

Jerry Lindquist, Michigan State University Extension educator, will host a workshop titled “Building Better Soils” with Brad Morgan of Morgan Composting. They plan to educate participants on healthy land usage so they maintain healthy gardens and don’t commit what Lindquist calls, “gardening sins.”

“There are a lot of things that gardeners do right, but a lot that they do wrong,” Lindquist said. “We are hoping they can understand soil science and fertility in order to keep gardens growing well without being a detriment to society.”

The session will inform farmers and gardeners about the long-term benefits of using leaves, grass clipping, manure and other organic material to fertilize soil.

Other items on the agenda for the day are a key note presentation, “The sustainability of buying local,” and workshop sessions, “How biofuels fit my farm and home,” “Basic functions of wind and solar energy” and “Organic liquid fertilizer for the garden and crop production.”

Along with teaching citizens about “green” energy and sustainability options, the event will include an area of vendors selling various sustainable products for participants to put to use what they learned.

There will be products for crushing soybeans into oil that can be made into biodiesel fuel, products for conserving energy and improving produce quality, alternative building materials, venders selling home energy audits and various manufacturers of solar energy.

“It will all be environmentally friendly and help people save some money,” Lindquist said.

Registration begins at 8 a.m. and the last session will end at 3 p.m. Admission to the event is $10, and students can get in free.

Last year’s expo drew a crowd of 200 people, and the planning committee hopes to double that this year.

Other speakers include Mark Seaman, MSUE bioeconomy innovation counselor, R.J. Rant, soil agronomist, Mike Swales, Geo Connection and more. Proceeds from the event benefit Evart High Greenhouse program.

Additional  information on the Green Tech Expo can be found on Facebook at Evart Goes Green or by contacting the MSUE office at (231) 832-6139 or planning committee member Jay Wallace at (231) 734-5551 or wallacej@evart.k12.mi.us.