Evart Family Night gets magical

EVART — When it comes to entertainment, kids and parents alike had a great time learning a message called Dollars and Sense on Thursday, May 19, during the school’s monthly Family Night.

Chris Lynn’s quick wit and just as quick sleight-of-hand was a good combination in offering youngsters and their families a fast-paced lesson in economics.

Starting with his own confession about how he spent every dime he could get his hands on early on, he shared ways to keep every cent from disappearing. He expounded on how spending all you have will leave you with things you don’t really want, and the irony of it all is that once you spend it, it makes no sense.

As he selected volunteers from the large audience, Lynn, who is from Detroit, delighted the crowd by carrying on a conversation loaded with a lesson.

At times there was a lot of laughter, and other times a bit of a quiet when people seemed to hear the double meaning and without realizing it, he could have been talking about him, or her, or them. Yet, his energy and interaction directly with the children and their families, not only gave them something to take home and think about, but also a lesson about change — or rather how to.

The Family Night event included dinner by Schmidty’s Family Restaurant of Evart.