EVART — Madisyn Cass enjoys hunting with her dad.

So much so the Evart Elementary third-grader wrote a story about hunting to share with her fellow classmates and their parents during Tuesday's Family Fun Night at the school.

Continuing to celebrate March as Reading Month, the school's evening event was specifically designed for families to spend time together hearing student-written stories about a variety of topics, from brushing their teeth to works of fiction.

Fourth-grader Gabriel Burhans wrote an Avengers-themed story, highlighting his introduction to Iron Man. An avid writer, Burhans jumped at the opportunity to write a story for class.

"Before I was even told we were going to do a story, I started writing this one," he said. "I messed up and kept redoing it. So, when it came to doing this, it was pretty easy."

Gabriel's mother, Helen, said she enjoys the many stories he writes.

"He has a lot of stories and I like them," she said. "I like the unique perspective he has in his stories."

For reading their stories in front of their peers, students received certificates and also coupons for the ongoing book fair.