Evart Elementary hosts Family Night

EVART — It was a night of a lot of choices when it came to attending Evart Elementary School’s Family Night last Thursday, Dec. 15, choices ranging from what to eat, to how to brush your teeth, style your hair, and protect yourself from flu bugs and other illnesses.

For some children, it was a chance to meet Santa. For others, a time to take along a favorite stuffed animal and meet a real doctor or a nurse, or other Spectrum employees, and find out they are not just for giving shots. They can put on Band-Aids, they can fix a stuffed toy’s back injured in a fall off a bed, and they can look you in the eye and say, “Hey, he’s real healthy. Take good care of him just like you have been.”

When it came to getting shots, there were admittedly some tears. Those tears quickly changed to grins that clenched a sucker or piece of candy immediately after “that” was done.

One man admitted lining up for shots in the service wasn’t his favorite thing in the world, and his apprehension quickly passed when at the moment he was to get his shot, a little girl ran up to hug him and kiss him on the cheek.

He had been right there for her, and she for him. It made the difference for both of them.

Others roamed the building finding crafts and computer fun in one area, the therapy dogs in another, and lots of food including bread bowls filled with soup ready for the serving.

A climbing wall was another choice, and trying to climb a rope to the top of the building still another. Elsewhere, there were massages, Wii games, pre-school activities, boppers and floor games.