Evart Elementary Family Night a learning experience

EVART — There were tornadoes in the hall at Evart Elementary School, a volcano in the all-purpose room, and all sorts of experiments going on elsewhere, but no damage was done.

It was all in fun.

And hidden within that very fun was a whole lot of learning, the just kind of sneaks up on the student when they least expect it.

That goes not only for the students, but also for parents and grandparents. Some admitted that they learned more at Family Nights, to know all they thought they did, according to one lady.

A grandma admitted she now “just understood” how something worked “after all these years.”

For the kids it was simple, for they are in a school system that helps learning happen by not only making a lesson understandable, but fun while they learn it.

The “tornadoes” were created with two large plastic pop bottles connected at the “spouts” with “cyclone” adapters someone had ordered from a catalog, then shared with the rest. By adding water, connecting the two bottles, and swirling the top one, a cyclone, water spout, or tornado sort of magically appeared and spun its way right out of the top bottle and into the bottom.

The kids lined up for a long time at that location, trying it again and again, and many adults surrounded the gathering of children to watch. Some wondered how to get “one of those things” that connected the bottles.

Some said they’d like to get one so they could show how neat it is to do next time they’re with their grandkids. Another admitted she wanted to try it herself, but was a tad to timid to admit it. Besides, she would have had to cut in line.

The youngsters were treated to snacks and received new books to take home at the end of the evening.