Evart DDA seeks volunteers to maintain new gardens

By Nick Vander Wulp Herald Review Staff Writer

EVART – Gardens the Evart Downtown Development Authority planted are springing up on Main Street and at Cant Hook Park.

Al Weinberg, Evart DDA director, has launched an “Adopt-a-Garden” program this spring as part of a city renewal and beautification program. He hopes the city will “blossom” as businesses and organizations adopt gardens and tend to them until the fall.

“There are 12 gardens we’ve planted this year, and the city remodeled Cant Hook Park,” he said. “We appreciate the beauty of downtown, and the gardens help enhance what we have here in Evart.”

The idea came to Weinberg while he was working outside on the gardens because people working at local businesses would stop and ask how they could work outside in the gardens.

“They would say to me, ‘I wish I could have your job,’” he said. “So I thought, ‘Why not give them an opportunity to get involved and get outside?’”

Up to two gardens can be adopted with the responsibility of caring for the garden falling on volunteers from the adopting organization. Responsibilities include weeding the garden, trimming dead flowers and removal of weeds and trash into bins every week.

Fall seasonal responsibilities include removal of annual flowers, cutting back perennial plants and raking the beds to prepare for the next spring.

“Gardeners won’t be alone in maintaining the gardens,” said Weinberg. “The city will provide the water and fertilizer needed, and we’ve already provided the mulch.”

Several Evart businesses and organizations already have adopted most of the gardens, only three remain to be adopted.

For more information, contact Al Weinberg at (231) 734-0185 or ddadirector@evart.org. Information also can be found at the DDA’s page on evart.org.