Evart Chamber seeks Business Person of Year

EVART — Evart is a busy place with a growing, thriving business community that shifts, changes, morphs and generally reflects the area, region, and state to which it belongs.

As anywhere else, there are better years and there are tougher years.

Since the establishment of the Evart community almost 140 years ago, there have always been personalities in the business community of Evart who really stood out.

There still are such people — business people who sincerely hold the best interests of the community close to heart.

And so … each year the Evart Chamber of Commerce takes time to recognize the Evart Business Person of the Year.

It’s an important honor — one too often overlooked in the hectic, day by day struggle that is the reality of business today.

This year, members of the Chamber’s committee in charge of selecting the Business Person of the Year are looking for suggestions.

A nominee for the Business Person of the Year honor must be a member in good standing of the Evart Chamber of Commerce and must have run a for-profit business in the community for at least five years.

Nominees must have shown a commitment to the community and dedication to community-orientated projects.

The Business Person of the Year will be chosen and saluted for their entrepreneurial spirit, their innovation and their giving of time to help create a better community.

In short, the person selected must have had a positive impact on the Evart community.

Nominees must live, work, or volunteer in the Evart area.

While there is no lack of potential nominees, committee members Bill Britz, Connie Douglas, and Jan Booher are hoping for input from the community.

Nominations can be sent to the Evart Chamber of Commerce at P.O. Box 688, Evart, 49631.

For more information, contact (231) 734-9799.