Emig reappointed to Juvenile Justice Committee


OSCEOLA COUNTY — Larry Emig has been reappointed to the Michigan Committee on Juvenile Justice, which advises the Gov. Rick Snyder on juvenile justice issues and guides effective implementation of juvenile justice policies and programs.

This will be Emig's fourth year as a committee member. As someone who has worked in the human services field for decades, the task is right up his alley.

"I was happy to be reappointed because I enjoy being on the committee," he said. "I feel I've been a help and it's an excellent group to be a part of."

The Michigan Committee on Juvenile Justice also works with the Department of Human Services and other agencies, and has been instrumental in changing practices, policies and philosophies to improve the juvenile justice system. Its mission is to "advise the governor on matters related to juvenile justice legislation and administration, to mobilize communities to develop and implement prevention services, and to create a strategic plan that sets standards, determines priorities and allocates funds for successful delinquency prevention and rehabilitative programs."

Snyder announced the appointed and reappointed members this month, showing confidence in the group's goals. Members will serve three-year terms expiring Dec. 31, 2017.

"The promotion of stronger families, healthier youth and safer communities in our state is of utmost importance," said Snyder in a press release. "I am confident this committee will continue to promote these goals.”